Christmas is also about you!

Find at least half an hour a day to relax properly, that doesn’t mean watching TV or playing computer games. A soak in the bath or a good book that doesn’t tax the reader is far better; meditation is better still if you know how to do it.

In the lead up to Christmas day, plan in advance and prepare wherever possible (freezing things that you made ready even weeks in advance will help, providing you remember to let them thaw in plenty of time).

When the big day comes make sure you take advantage by using this free time playing and interacting with the people that matter.

You, your husband or wife, children and grandchildren will remember a great time interacting with you at Christmas for much longer than the smelly bathroom stuff, toys or miscellaneous presents.

I hear of too many people that say, "I have no time for myself because I'm doing X for Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss Y", they forget that when they collapse from exhaustion or seize up or break down, they cannot do X & even become incumbent on X - making things worse!

Find time for yourself, particularly at the festive time of the year; all of you will appreciate the memory which will last for life

Yes, it is a short article but it can lead to a long happy life

On December 17, 2017