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  • Sutton St Nicholas Highland View
    HR1 3AZ Herefordshire
  • 07858137889
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Mercia Massage Clinic and Academy

Mercia Massage Clinic offers Transformational Touch Therapy and Trauma Discharge Therapy using the NO HANDS approach for people in and around Herefordshire.

Whether it’s a treat or part of your regular health and wellbeing, Trauma Discharge Therapy and Transformational Touch Therapy offers you the chance to reconnect with yourself, let go of tensions and worries that no longer serve you, and give space for your body and mind to heal and regenerate. And I’d love to be the one to hold that space for you!

Deep and sustained touch can utterly transform your life. Structural imbalances can be put right without you even noticing. Areas that you didn’t even know were tense can be loosened. Touch can reconnect the body and mind, while connecting you with the deep self-healing potential within yourself. Through reconnecting and rebalancing Touch can also release blocked energy and when exhaustion is the issue NO HANDS Massage can help restore you more powerfully and deeply than any harmful stimulant.

The NO HANDS registered trademark guarantees the purity of tradition. It means that I have been trained to a higher standard of Massage than many therapists and that I have been personally endorsed by the founder of NO HANDS, Gerry Pyves. This is unique in that the quality of the approach is preserved so completely.

For more information particularly about Trauma Discharge Therapy please visit my website

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