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About Climbing Rose Holistic Therapies

Why is Climbing Rose Holistic Therapies the best choice for you?

Bringing the luxury of the spa to you. Proud to provide a holistic service taking into consideration all elements of your health, state of mind and working to bring balance and harmony to your soul. If you feel out of sync and suffering from a lot of stress tension and pain due to muscular tightness and a hectic life style having a massage in the comfort of your own home may be the best remedy.

More about Climbing Rose Holistic Therapies:

I own and run the business single handedly. And have no employees. I believe everyone has the right to feel relaxed and be at peace within themselves. Currently I am closed due to corona virus but I look forward to returning to work once a vaccine has been rolled out across the country . In the future i look forward to returning to events and eventually opening a holistic health centre in which people can practice yoga and meditation as well as art therapy alongside receiving complementary therapies such as reiki and reflexology

What can Climbing Rose Holistic Therapies offer you?

Each treatment is specifically tailored to your needs. And every course of treatments aims to get you feeling like you again within just a few weeks. You can either choose to have a one off treatment or a course depending on your budget and severity of ailments that need to be alleviated. I aim to provide a friendly yet professional service to my clients so that they feel safe, secure and above all able to relax whilst their aches and pain drift away

Who preceded you?

Most of my customers live locally altough some come from further afield. The majority have feel better after receiving one or two treatments, although some prefer to receive treatment on a regular basis. My customers appreciate my honesty, punctuality and thoroughness to my approach to ensure that they feel better once they get off the couch

Climbing Rose Holistic Therapies in short

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Aromatherapy Massage
Corporate massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Holistic body massage
Relaxing massage
Swedish massage

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Climbing Rose Holistic Therapies

4 Landemann Circus Weston-super-Mare BS232QE
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