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The Healing Room, Broadgates, Queen's Road Tunbridge Wells TN49LU, Kent
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14 different therapies on offer
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About Embrace Healing

Embrace Healing is a holistic therapy business, offering a variety of modalities to suit almost everyone. Please note that the only type of massage I offer is Indian Head Massage, which can include Reiki if you wish. Clients of my Indian Head Massage have said how very relaxing it is. One even said she floated home afterwards, and was surprised she could still drive well in such a state! It can also help to improve sleep.

With an emphasis on person-centred healing, Embrace Healing's aim is to help you relax, de-stress and, if you so wish, discover the root cause of your issues and deal with them at a deep level. This is why we offer 14 difference therapies, including hypnotherapy and past life therapy, flower remedies and counselling skills.

Karen Tucker, our therapist, is also on a path of self-healing and personal development, and is always happy to discuss spiritual matters with her clients. She started the company in 2004, having obtained diplomas in Stress Management and Professional Relaxation Therapy. She is fascinated by the many ways in which people can find healing, and is constantly learning more about healing. What fascinates her the most is how so many people think they are ready to feel better, yet are unable to take full advantage of the healing available to them, because some part of their psyche is unwilling to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. Clients who expect the therapist to heal them are often disappointed. Karen is always happy to help clients find their way to embracing their own healing needs and finding ways to satisfy them.

Embrace Healing is currently available evenings and weekends, as we are a very small business and Karen still has a day job. You can find out more about what we offer on our website, embrace-healing.co.uk.


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The Healing Room, Broadgates, Queen's Road Tunbridge Wells TN49LU, Kent
07719 756096 Click to call