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About myOsteo clinic

Highly skilled manipulative therapist for all your physical pains (muscle, joint, back, sports injuries, foot and heel)

Qualified in;

Skeletal Manipulation (Dip M. Sc) such as used by Chiropractors and Osteopaths

Orthotics Prescription - rectifying the structure/posture of the foot

Sports Injury Treatment (post grad S.I.T)

Remedial Massage (M.As.Th.M)

Seldom does just one treatment style work effectively and quickly for any injury.

I am qualified far beyond a masseur or Masseuse and have expanded my knowledge beyond Sports Injury Therapist. Manipulation of the joints is a highly skilled discipline which required further training.

Not only can I treat muscles (through massage), but tendons and ligaments (Sports Injuries) and even minor joint misalignments. Having corrected the immediate problem I can give you effective stretches and treatments to further help you to recuperate.

Correcting both your sitting posture (through education) and your standing posture (which may require arch supports or the superior Orthotics) is a passion of mine because it means that I can achieve my ultimate aim — to stop you coming back time after time (not exactly a good business plan)

I believe this was an inevitable profession for me because, although I didn't realise it at the time, all my years on a Judo mat I was approached by anyone who had suffered an injury.

I honestly thought that the skills I amassed were common knowledge and that everybody had the same capability - I now realise how wrong I was!

I have never stopped learning and, when I had a weakness in my techniques, I asked a number of other professionals who all said, "I also struggle with that". It took me many months of collecting all the knowledge I could find and looking at it from different prospectives until one day; the penny dropped! Now the others are learning from me on my multi-disciplined courses

over 45 years experience with treating people and running his own practice in Leighton Buzzard since 1999
Specialist in Backache and associated spine related discomforts including hip, sciatica, whiplash, neck and headaches

Specialist in Bespoke Prescription Orthotics to correct posture, Foot and heel pains including Plantar Fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma, Bunions and Policeman's heel.


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Deep Tissue Massage
Pregnancy massage
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