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About Pret a Massage

Pret a Massage offers a professional mobile massage and stress management service throughout Bromley and surrounding areas. It is known to all that stress is a leading cause of absence and staff turnover. Pret a Massage aims to provide an active wellness management service that enables companies to protect their employees from stress and the implications that arise from long term stress and disease. Promoting wellness management and reducing stress and sickness will in turn benefit the health of employees and ultimately the organisation.

The Pret a Massage advance is that prevention is better than cure. It aims to positively manage employee health so that employees are less likely to fall sick. Both the bodily and psychological health of the workers will have a major influence on the success of the business and at present this is largely untapped.

To arrange a no obligation demonstration for 3 or 4 employees please contact us on 07711 636439.
Our onsite chair massage service is especially designed with the working public in mind, it is efficient and flexible and disruption is negligible. Onsite chair massage service is the primary service offered by Pret a Massage as it the most accessible and can be set up almost anywhere.


This massage incorporates acupressure techniques that can be administered whilst fully clothed in as little as 5 minutes, up to 20 minutes. The massage covers the upper body and in particular areas that are most prone to tension. A specially designed ergonomic, moveable chair is used to perform the massage.

The benefits are as follows:
a. Increased alertness
b. Reduction of neck, back and shoulder tension
c. Reduction of stress hormones
d. Reduced anxiety and depression
e. Improved circulation and mobility

There you have seen the following effective for
a. Eyestrain
b. Headaches
c. Poor concentration
d. Upper body tension and pain
e. RSI (repetitive strain injury)
f. WRULD work related upper limb disorder

Treatment times and setting
We are ready to give you treatment times which are very flexible to suit the individual and any time constraints. The practitioner will require a degree of space, approximately 3 square metres. It is possible for the massage to take place in the client's office, although preferable to have a quiet separate room so as to avoid the distractions of colleagues and telephones etc. The standard 15 or 20-minute session ranges in price (depending on the number of clients booked). If you would like tell for this or any other services please do not hesitate to contact with us.

It will be useful for the practitioner to have a contact on site. The contact may manage the space required and the diary if they so wish.

Massage service(s)

Chair massage
Corporate massage

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