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  • 20 Highmoor Walk
    BD17 5TT Baildon
  • 07772 025886

TJBodyRocks - Massage and Male Grooming Services

Welcome to TJBodyRocks Male Massage & Grooming Services. TJBodyRocks is a private practice; operating from a private residence treatment room.

Terry provides a Swedish Body Massage Service, as well as other Male Grooming services - such as Facials, Hair Removal (Waxing & Trimming/Shaving), Manicure, Pedicure etc. Full details can be found on our website.
We operate in a private & confidential manner, and aim to give you an amazing experience

TJBodyRocks - Massage and Male Grooming Services in summary


  • Man

Massage at home:


Open at night:


Massage at events:


Massage service(s)

  • Relaxing massage
  • Thermal-auricular therapy

Open on weekends: